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Clip Flow
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  • Color stability.
  • Easy to use, easy to remove, easy to polish, fast result.
  • The dispensing syringe is valuable.
  • The material can be easily removed without any problem in endo access cavities. Even if there are undercuts, I could remove it easily. No remnants. It is stable. Easily used. Handling properties are perfect. Makes endo procedures easier. Endo-lover material. I did not see any leakage or unacceptable appearance during the second appointments.
  • Easier to handle when matrix is used.
  • The material handling and viscosity allowed this material to flow easily and worked great as a block out material.
  • Easy to remove, soft/spongy texture reduces occlusal discomfort.
  • No leakage. Easy application. Clean dentin walls after removal. 
  • Easy to remove.
  • Easy to use with syringe.
  • Ease of use — product does what it says it can do.
  • Ease of use and reliable.
  • Flowable, easy to get into undercuts for retention of non-retentive inlays.
  • Easy handling, easily removed. Versatility of use.
  • Great if using it for direct temporization of inlays/onlays.
  • Ease of use. Multiple uses of this product.
  • Used to block out undercuts. Used to hold a matrix on a few anterior restorations. Cool technique.
  • Very nice material. Easy to use. Covered a tooth that fractured that needed endo.
  • Technique sensitive.
  • Cumbersome to manipulate.
  • How thick should the material be for endo sealing? Lack of information about this topic.
  • Seems to lack strength, too translucent, a bit sticky.
  • The material’s translucency limited its aesthetics.
  • Too runny, difficult to place in large prep without a matrix band, not easily adjusted once cured.
  • Low wettability. Challenging to see the margins or endings of the restoration.
  • Pulls out easily with sticky foods.
  • It is not going to win any beauty contests.
  • Does not seal prep. Sensitivity.
  • Too translucent, not easily sculptable, sometimes rough surface.
  • Slightly difficult to control.
  • Versatile and reasonably inexpensive. 
  • It could be one of those best kept secrets in dentistry. 
  • Nice material for temporary sealing in endodontics. However, leakage studies should be done especially for endodontic cases.
  • More of a niche product for me.
  • It's good stuff, but I don't think it will have wide use in my practice.
  • I won’t buy.
  • A material that I am not too fancy about.
  • Nice adjunct material...I will purchase.
  • Just another material in the tool box if you do not have one for this use.
  • I like it and in the rare cases I need something like this, I'll use Clip Flow.
  • If the leakage potential of the material could be proven, this might be the best endo sealing material on the market. Makes the procedures easy. Nice handling properties.
  • Tricky to use as onlay temps but better for endo access cover and to tack bisacryl onlay temps to adjacent teeth.
  • Great material for blocking out or temporizing in non-aesthetic areas and easy to apply. However, it has limited strength if temporizing in high occlusal load areas.
  • I'd use it to fill access holes but not for large inlay/onlay temporization.
  • Choose Clip Flow to avoid soiling your face shield when removing temporary filling from the endo access.
  • OK but not revolutionary.
  • Easy to use quick provisional.
  • I am going to buy this product. There is a need and this product fills it.
  • Worth considering.
  • I prefer Telio. I will not buy.
  • Would recommend. Good product due to ease of use and several uses. Didn't like as much for temp fillings.
  • I would buy this product. Works great if you have an undercut on adjacent teeth when making a provisional. 
  • It makes a fine temporary restoration.

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