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Magnification loupes 2333
·      It keeps me from having any neck pain.
·      Potential to relieve neck and shoulder strain.
·      Light, good view, good posture, great case. They are a great product. Just hard for me to get away from 33 years of use of my existing loupes.
·      Once adapted to them, they definitely improved my posture and head and neck position.
·      The upright neck position improves posture.
·      The ergonomics of these loupes is ideal. They help to correct poor posture, keep upright head position and prevent neck pain.
·      Has the potential to make treating patients more ergonomic.
·      Allows better posture at high magnification.
·      Improved my posture! Love it compared to conventional heavier loupes.
·      Excellent magnification/vision; surprised how quickly I got used to them; seem to reduce stress on shoulder and neck.
·      Hard for me to do surgery because I cannot have a wide field of vision peripherally.
·      Steep learning curve and limited areas of the mouth that I could use them in.
·      The frames are not very attractive, not a flip up that I am used to, eye piece could be larger.
·      Took 2 challenging weeks to adapt to them. 
·      There is a learning curve and several assistants disliked the fact that it looks like you are staring at them.
·      It takes a long time to adapt to and I never felt comfortable attempting to prep maxillary teeth. I have always used direct vision to marginate and get the best result for my patients and I need direct vision straight loupes to get the best result.
·      Once you are used to straight loupes, these are hard to get used to.
·      Hard to adapt if you are a traditional loupe wearer.
·      Learning curve.
·      Seems heavier: more pressure on my nose.
·      I would buy another pair.
·      I could not use them.
·      Great product if you are looking for a new loupe and you have posture issues or pains, or don’t want to have issues in the future. 
·      A good investment, but have to be willing to spend the time to adapt.
·      This could be a real benefit for those with neck issues and would be great as your initial loupe purchase but as an owner of straight loupes for three decades, the switch was hard.
·      These loupes are definitely a game changer that require heads up ideal ergonomic posture. If you have never used straight loupes and are a dental student, this may be the best time to adapt to these as it took me a long time to adapt to. I did not attempt to prep maxillary teeth because I like to use direct vision with straight loupes to marginate and get the best results for my patients, so I felt it was a compromise to attempt to use them for prepping maxillary teeth. If you have chronic neck pain, these would be worth looking into. However, there are limitations with positioning yourself and the patient when using these and you may not be comfortable performing all procedures using these.
·      Great product but adapting to them can be difficult if a practitioner is used to straight versions. I think if a clinician starts with these in dental school, and doesn't know any different, it could make a huge difference in how their body feels in 20-30 years of practice. This seems like a less costly version of one of those more expensive microscopes.
·      Great loupes to try early in your career or unless you are willing to invest a lot of time learning to use them. Great concept.
·      I will buy and recommend these loupes.
·      Excellent loupes; I adjusted quickly to them; highly recommended.


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