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HuggOPTix PRO Universal Eyeglass Retainer

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PRO-Product on Loupes
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·      It is a very simple concept that really works well.
·      Comfortable.
·      It worked as advertised. My loupes simply did not move.
·      For people who have maybe older loupes that are not as tight-fitting, or don't like tightening a lanyard, these will seem great.
·      Simple design that helps eliminate need to tighten a lanyard.
·      Removing the lanyard and not having to make sure it is tight before every procedure.
·      Help stabilize loupes.
·      It held my loupes in place well. 
·      Always thought my loupes would fall off, but they never did!
·      Keeps my loupes from digging into my nose.
·      Infection control without lanyard. Helps a bit maintaining loupes in place.
·      Helps stabilize loupes. Not as much adjusting.
·      Great idea and no more headaches from the pressure!
·      The lanyard's material — could it also be made out of silicone?
·      I think it’s better for goggles, not loupes.
·      The lanyard was too short.
·      Other than I think they will look bad over time because of use, being wiped down, etc..., they seem like a good product for some people.
·      For heavier loupes, they do not provide enough friction at the ear area to prevent the loupes from sliding down your nose.
·      Just a bit of manipulation required to get the headlight cord not to interfere.
·      Still favor tightening a lanyard.
·      I wasn’t able to try my 4.5 because they were broken. I am curious to see if they would hold because the company indicates 3.5 max magnification I believe.
·      Fast wear of plastic pieces.
·      Felt weird to have the extra hardware. I do not think it helped greatly.
·      Very different than traditional lanyard. Some may find it uncomfortable.
·      Slides a small amount but not really an issue during procedures.
·      Very nice product!
·      I won’t use.
·      Excellent product. If you have worn loupes and a light, you know that having your loupes move is a total pain in the rear. This product works. Simple, lightweight and well made. 
·      I think this is more of a "preference" product. It's not bad, it's not great, it is just there.
·      Great product idea that works well with lightweight loupes. If you use a heavier loupes design, it does not work as well*. Of course everyone’s ear and nose size varies, so what works for one person may not work as well for another. Overall though, it’s a simple design to help stabilize loupes and avoid having to tighten a lanyard behind your head.
·      I think this is a good product and is nice for use. However it says it is not usable for 4.5 loupes and therefore not a universal solution*.
·      Ok but not great.
·      I will continue to utilize the HuggOPTix as a means to secure my loupes!
·      I like this product and will continue using it.
·      I would not recommend it.
·      Inexpensive solution to assist in stabiliizing your loupes. Definitely something to look into.
·      Definitely using permanently. Send me an order form!
*As noted previously, our tests with 4.5x loupes AND a corded headlight (REVEAL) found that HuggOPTix PRO does actually work with loupes over 3.5x.
Note: The manufacturer provides a 30-day, moneyback guarantee, so if you are fed up having to secure your loupes by tightening a lanyard and gain some infection control merit points in the deal, then giving them a test drive seems like a prudent move.

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