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Axial Reduction Logic Set

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Axial Reduction Logic Set-web

Depth-cutters are not new and certainly can aid even an experienced operator in calibrating a preparation. Most depth-cutters are rings on smooth bur shafts. But while these ring-like depth-cutters are very fast, efficient, and effective in establishing the proper tooth reduction goals, access can be a limiting factor to their use. These diamonds solve access problems since they can be used virtually anywhere on a tooth and at any angle. Another problem with ring-type instruments is that all their rings are typically the same depth, whereas you can vary your depth cuts easily with these diamonds to customize your preparations. They also produce very precise depth cuts-there is no estimating the depth cuts with these burs. This is especially important on the occlusal surfaces, where adequate clearance always seems to be an issue. In addition, ring-type depth-cutters can scar adjacent teeth if you are not very careful when you approach the proximal line angles. The small size of the Axial Reduction diamonds basically eliminates this issue.

Three evaluators felt the diameter of these burs was too small-they preferred the wider, more easily seen depth-cut grooves produced by the larger, ring-type versions. And, even without the burblock, $16 for a diamond is quite pricey.

More versatile and safer than ring-type depth-cutters, but not as fast.

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