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Posterior Composite Sculpturing Kit

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Posterior Comp Sculpt Kit

Only kit with both diamonds and burs in this acorn shape. It's also the only one with three different sizes and two diamond grits. The two smaller sizes and fine grit diamonds are the ones you will probably use most often.

Diamond abrasive or carbide flutes cover the entire head of the bur, which means you could more readily inadvertently scar the tooth during finishing. In some situations, these burs may give you too steep cuspal inclines. Medium grit diamonds were considered too coarse and the large size in general was not very useful. Topspin carbides do not cut as effectively as the diamonds.


They will still come in handy in situations where you must re-establish proper occlusal form, but they don't quite have the shape or the safety of competing, acorn-like burs.

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