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Solution Provisional Composite/Acrylic Finishing and Polishing System

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Other than sandpaper discs, it gives you virtually all the instruments you would ever need to contour and polish any provisional restoration. The carbide burs were particularly praised by our evaluators for their cutting efficiency (one evaluator needed a highspeed diamond for bulk reduction) and the diamond discs are especially helpful with refining bridge embrasures.

Disc with the serrated edge needs to be used with great caution, as it can jump and lacerate your finger. As far as the polishing wheels and diamond is concerned, these will either get plenty of use or none at all, depending on whether you use a resin glaze on your provisionals on a routine basis. If you do, then about half of this kit would go to waste. And, while the plastic box is fine for shipping, it's a disaster for routine use. This kit is just begging for a countertop burblock, which would make the instruments much more convenient and accessible. In addition, the cloth-type polishers are difficult to clean and disinfect.

Unless you are using resin glazes exclusively for your provisionals, this kit will definitely come in handy.

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