Futar Clear Fast

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Futar Clear Fast
Product Description

Clear bite registration materials, which we believe are actually more useful as templates for fabricating provisionals and occlusal composite restorations, have suffered from having a relatively slow setting time (2.0 minutes or longer). Well, the new Futar Clear Fast, which joins the entire Futar line of automix, vinyl polysiloxane bite registration materials (Futar, Futar Fast, Futar D, Futar D Fast, Futar D Slow, and Futar Cut & Trim Fast), promises to change that mantra. 

It has a stated 15 seconds of working time and only 45 seconds of intraoral setting time. This means it should be ready to roll in only 1.0 minute from the beginning of mixing. Pretty impressive!

And, indeed, this turbo set is what we found. Its Shore A hardness at mouth removal time (MRT) was measured to be about 65, which is slightly less flexible than other products in this category. On the other hand, don’t expect it to be as hard as opaque, more mousse-like bite registration materials, but since we recommend using it as a template material, its flexibility is just about perfect for this function. 

Since you will probably set it aside for at least 30 minutes while you prepare the tooth for a crown, the hardness will be more in the vicinity of 68, but it still will retain the flexibility you need. And, as its name states, it is quite clear and has no taste or smell. 

It comes in conventional 50ml cartridges in cardboard boxes with product identification on all sides, top and bottom. The label on the cartridge has the working and set times as well as the expiration date. The bilingual directions are on plain paper, have simple instruction — how much do you need for this type of product? — and use a font that doesn’t require loupes to read.

So, if you like using a clear VPS material for your provisional and restorative templates but wanted it to set faster, it is now available as Futar Clear Fast. Just be aware that the 15 seconds of working time is not for the leisurely-minded — if you are using it as a template material, you have to fill the tray quickly and seat it even faster!

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