Core-Flo DC Lite

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CoreFlo DC Lite Universal Primer Kit
Product Description

Basically a low viscosity version of Core-Flo DC and shares virtually all of its attributes. It is dual-cured and auto-mix, can be used as a post cement and dentin replacement, and is self-leveling. Its unique benefits are stated to be high strength, low shrinkage, and cuts like dentin.

Dispensing is through conventional dual-barrel syringes, but due to its lower viscosity, it doesn’t require the assist of the mini-gun that facilitates injecting its thicker sibling. It comes with two types of intraoral tips, a larger one for core buildups and a longer, fine tip for injecting it into postholes. However, despite its lower viscosity, it still requires substantial pressure on the plunger to dispense.

Its filler content by weight and volume is 66% and 53% respectively. The consistency and handling are typical of this type of material, just slightly sticky. Keeping with its “Lite” moniker, its flow is 3.0, which means it should probably be used with a matrix of some sort in place to prevent it from running out of the prep.

The working and set times are stated to be about 1 and 7 minutes respectively. We found these times were accurate.

We measured the exotherm at a 5.9°C change in the self-cure mode, which means it should not be harmful to a vital pulp.


Scrape Test (mm)

 Opaque White


Hardness (Knoop)

60.2 (immediate after light curing for 40 seconds). This shows it has sufficient hardness to feel like dentin when cutting a prep.




closer to A2/B2 
 Opaque White


Translucency/Opacity (T/0%)

T/O rating (%)
 Opaque White

This means A1 is a good dentin replacement shade, while OW will be an effective contrast shade if that is your goal.

The kit includes Universal Primer, which is a 2-bottle, universal bonding agent, which means you can use it in the etch & rinse and self-etch modes. Regardless of which you choose, leave the prep moist by blotting, mix equal drops of A & B and apply 2 separate coats, 10-15 seconds each. Air dry gently, make sure the adhesive layer is not moving, and light cure for 10 seconds.

Kit comes in a clear plastic tackle box with the only product identification on top. Expiration date is on the bottom. Sealed with shrink-wrap for security. Refills come in sealed plastic bags that are difficult to stack. The syringe dual-barrels have the shade and expiration date on the color-coded labels, which are moisture-resistant.

 Multi-lingual, plain paper directions come in the annoying foldout design. There is also a plastic coated, technique card only in English. The conventional directions are very detailed, but even though font is nano-sized, the copy is not difficult to read. The technique card is helpful with nicely done color illustrations.

If you like a flowable viscosity that adapts well to the walls of your prep and has a very high hardness so you won’t ditch it during prepping, this material should work for you.

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