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Simplified shading and layering system could make your life easier. Minimal voids. Can be polished to a high gloss. Exceeds 80% cure goal in proximal box when cured for only 20 seconds. Fluorescence of enamel shades is very close to tooth structure. Handles nicely and doesn't stick to instruments. Dentin and enamel shades have appropriate translucency/opacity for their respective uses. Unique shade guide.

Most evaluators rated the anterior esthetics as just OK but not great. Dentin shades were not consistently successful in blocking out darkness from back of mouth, which is needed for through-and-through restorations. Enamel shades may be too opaque to simulate incisal translucency. Non-Vita shading systems are not as intuitive as those following Vita, which means the learning curve could be too steep for some dentists. Enamel microfill shades have very low hardness and are not radiopaque.

While it does handle very nicely and blends well with existing tooth structure, the shade selection process requires a paradigm shift that has been tried before and may be outside the comfort zone of some dentists. 

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