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Admira Fusion x-tra

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Admira Fusion x-tra
AFX Transparent with Verbie
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·      Being an Ormocer.
·      Ease of placement and not sticking to instrument.
·      It's a good composite especially for those looking for a more biocompatible material.
·      The material handling being not too sticky allowed for ease with condensing for class 2s as well as the ability to bulk fill.
·      A nice composite from a good company — and you can say to patients there are no Bisphenols if that is an issue.
·      Easy handling, nice consistency, good option for the restoration of the teeth with excessive substance loss. 
·      Good handling properties. Sustainability. Quite acceptable in posterior region. 
·      I liked the way it handles and I like the way it polishes. 
·      Bulk-Fill. Handles nicely.
·      Better for allergy conscious patients and lower shrinkage.
·      Not as polishable as I would like.
·      Polishability.
·      When adjusting the occlusion, the composite feels very soft and it is very easy to adjust to the point where you could easily cut away more composite than you want.
·      Needs lighter shade.
·      Not enough composite in the caps. 
·      Difficult extruding the material from the tips.
·      Only 4mm depth of cure compared to some other bulk fills.
·      An alternative to Omnichroma.
·      I think as much as I think this "one shade" stuff is a bunch of BS, Voco is really changing my mind on this. I was impressed for sure.
·      They are entering into a saturated market. I think others came out and flooded the market and they weren't that good. Now people (like me) are skeptical.
·      Good material, worth consideration.
·      I would consider using it in my practice in non-highly esthetic areas.
·      I liked it.
·      Very nice bulk fill that is easy to handle and results in good aesthetics for posterior class 1 and 2s. You have to have to be careful when adjusting occlusion or polishing with a carbide polisher in a highspeed handpiece since the composite is very easy to cut through when adjusting with a high speed handpiece.
·      Just another good composite.
·      Good "universal" resin. I would buy if cheaper than Omnichroma.
·      Good product for post endodontic restorations.
·      Good handling properties of the material makes it useful in posterior region. Fast and very much acceptable restorations can be provided with this material in a short time period. Furthermore, the material is good for the environment.
·      I really liked the product. I don't know if was good enough for me to change....but it was close.
·      One more of the bunch of bulk-fills. But I would use it in my practice.
·      An OK material best used for allergy conscious patients.
·      Competes with several other single-shade composites for the posterior restorative market, but due to its 4mm depth of cure and extremely low shrinkage, it is the only one that could be considered a bulk fill product. This feature could give it an advantage in this increasingly crowded field. 

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