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Renamel Microfill

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Renamel Microfill

Best combination of handling, shades, and commitment from the company to make sure you know how to use its products. It is part of the most color-coordinated system of restorative materials available from one manufacturer. These products provide more restorative options than any other system, especially with the bleach shades, giving you the tools to create very natural restorations. It is also the easiest microfill to polish. All of its shades are close matches with its Vita analogs and its extensive shade selection allows you to match just about any tooth. Its fluorescence is the best in this category -- just slightly lighter than tooth structure. The pink shades of the Gingafill kit may not be used on a daily basis, but they definitely come in handy restoring Class V restorations in teeth with recession and when closing gingival embrasures.

Needs a darker opaque shade. Several of its shades are virtual clones of each other such as Body White and SB White. Same goes for Incisal Light and SB Incisal Light and all three SB numbered shades are very similar. You can save duplication and money by purchasing individual shades instead of complete kits. Due to its radiolucency, it should be used cautiously in subgingival Class III restorations. Its depth of cure is minimal. It has a relatively high incidence of voids in the incisal shade tested.

The flagship product from Cosmedent and the only three-time winner of our Product of the Year Award is still the standard against which all other non-reinforced microfills are compared.

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