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8640002 Stela Automix INTRO KIT
Dual-Cured/Self-Cured 381
·      Nice that it self-cures.
·      Polymerization results achievable are excellent!
·      I loved the hardness to which it set and thereby its polishability.
·      Self-cure flowable material, does not have to wait long for self-cure (less than 4 minutes because of the temperature of the oral cavity).
·      Easy to use, capsules a nice twist.
·      Relatively easy to use with no sensitivity.
·      Self-cure material with nice applications where light can’t reach.
·      Self-cure made it very convenient to use.
·      Material strength and simplicity.
·      Unlimited depth of cure, love the bendable syringe tip.
·      Unlimited depth of cure, 10-MDP in primer and composite, fast to use, chameleon, potential for gap free margins, high strength.
·      Tips are long and rotating. Bulk fill for post endo is very good. Easy to use.
·      Couldn’t use it for biting surfaces.
·      I would prefer using a different bonding protocol.
·      It takes too long to cure.
·      Not as radiopaque as I would like.
·      Self-cure takes more time.
·      Hard to polish and sculpt.
·      Not really a material for esthetic restorations.
·      Not able to shape flowable.
·      One color and some porosity.
·      Too thick oxygen inhibited layer. Setting time is too long.
·      Sticky, would like 2 more shades.
·      A bit too little material in the capsule.
·      Set time was long and capsule version caused wastage.
·      Product can be recommended.
·      I would buy this product.
·      I love it and have made additional purchases. Fits my practice very well.
·      I especially used it for post and cores or P and C under existing crowns. Worked well.
·      I am not sure where this fits in my practice. Maybe for a volume practice where a lot of small restorations are needed.
·      A good material that could fill a void in your practice for a self-cure material.
·      Comparable to other flowables with self-cure and self-etching added benefit.
·      Great for buildups and posterior restorations.
·      Like the concept but not for me.
·      Great material.
·      Can use it in those cases where the light-cured is not possible.
·      Good product to have in your practice.
·      A good addition to the narrow self-cure product line.


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