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Provicol QM Plus

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  •      I liked the easy to use mixing tips that easily dispense the cement into the temporaries.
  •      Eugenol-free. Auto-mixing. Does not smell.
  •       Higher physical properties compared to other temporary cements.
  •       Nice material that is easily dispensed.
  •       Ease of mix and application to intaglio surface.
  •       Easy application. Good handling. Ample working time.
  •       Syringe, easy to clean.
  •       No eugenol, contains calcium hydroxide, easy to clean up.
  •       Easy dispensing, efficient clean up, great retention, no sensitivity.
  •       Contains Ca(OH)2, do not need to hand mix, sticks to intaglio of the provisional rather than the prep so easy clean up on cementation day.

  •       Stupid 5 ml small syringe.
  •       Not adhesive enough.
  •       Set time.
  •       Slightly difficult to clean excess cement.
  •       White opaque shines through thin anterior restoration.
  •       Too opaque for some anterior restorations.
  •       Very opaque so limited to posterior provisionals. Stuck to outside of provisionals so longer clean-up. Also set time too long.

  •       It is a good product.
  •       Great temporary cement that is user friendly and works well.
  •       A reasonable eugenol-free automixing provisional cement.
  •       QM is based upon the typical zinc oxide - ethoxybenzoic formulation used in virtually all other non-eugenol temporary cements. The enhanced physical properties provides better retention and easier clean-up. The antimicrobial properties of QM are common to all Zinc Oxide containing materials. Overall, this is a great temporary cement. Perhaps Voco might consider a tube or unit dose version of QM.
  •       If you are looking for a slightly stronger provisional cement, you should try this one, but I am not adding this to my materials.
  •       It is a good product, just not anything out of the ordinary, at least for me.
  •       Stick to TempoCem ZOE.
  •       Adequate provisional cement.
  •       I would use it but wish set time was faster. Calcium hydroxide in it is a plus. I use Dycal as a temp cement sometime.
  •       I liked it and will use it to manage two or more restorations.
  •       I liked it.
  •       A good product especially for sensitive preparations.
  •       Great product. Highly recommended.
  •       Nothing overly special about this product. I like the fact that it has Ca(OH)2 and it sticks to the internal of the provisional material but this was a double edged sword. More retentive than TempoCem and TempBond, not as retentive as NexTemp. Did not have any dislodge but a few came off easily during clean up on less retentive preps so switched to NexTemp
  •       Provicol QM Plus, while not breaking any new ground, is a nice, easy-to-use and clean up provisional cement, while its calcium hydroxide component promises to keep pulps reasonably happy.  


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