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PS Meron Plus QM_40x40x150_Druck
Resin/Glass Ionomer 1625
  •       Loved the tack cure.
  •       It even worked well for short preps.
  •       Easy to dispense without the need for hand mixing or machine mixing.
  •       Ease of use and dispensing. 
  •       Good consistency. Easy to clean. Ability to tack cure.
  •       Strong adhesion. Easy application onto the inside surface of the restoration. Easy removal of the excess material.
  •       Automix. Easy clean up. Tack cure.
  •       Easy to clean up after tack cure.
  •       Easy and quick to use.
  •       Not enough shades.
  •       Fairly viscous.
  •       Slightly thicker than I would like and might be a little too opaque for translucent restorations.
  •       Too opaque for any esthetic applications.
  •       Very fast setting.
  •       Not as high bond as self-adhesive resin cements.
  •       Classic material.
  •       Loved the product.
  •       Great adjunct.
  •       Acceptable RMGI-based luting cement.
  •      I will continue using it.
  •       This is another RMGI to add to the many fine ones that are available.
  •       You are going up against RelyX which I am assuming has a monopoly on the market. It is a good product but how do you differentiate from the rest. It did not move the needle for me. I was like, "this is almost exactly like RelyX". It is like it, not better than it.
  •       I recommend Meron Plus QM for the cementation of metal-ceramic crowns; however, I do not recommend it for use with metal inlays.
  •       Nice RMGI with good properties.
  •       Good product from a great company.
  •       Just like any other resin modified GIC.
  •       Good RMGIC. I will use in my practice. However, I like RelyX Luting Plus better, but not by much.
  •       OK product.
  •       A decent product in a crowded field.
  •       Long term stability and success. Will it work as well as the proven competitors?


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