A product enters the review process by having its preliminary overview posted in our preview designation called FirstLook. We will initially need two complete kits along with hi-res images and MSRPs. For large equipment items, one unit is usually sufficient. If additional kits or units are needed for specific testing purposes and/or clinical use, we will contact you via email with these requests.

THERE IS NO FEE FOR SUBMITTING PRODUCTS for FirstLook, although a company must have an active Commercial Premium Membership if you are planning to submit the product for a full evaluation (see below). Products should be shipped to:


1322 Eagle Point Dr.

Georgetown, TX 78628


This is what happens to a product once we receive it for FirstLook:

 1. We review the manufacturer’s claims.

 2. We run a truncated series of tests in the REALITY RESEARCH LAB (RRL) (if applicable).

 3. We use the product clinically (whenever possible and time permitting).

4. The Editor-in-Chief will then combine the findings with the clinical preview and produce a preliminary report that will be posted on the site and designated as a FirstLook product.

5. Please note that products can only remain in FirstLook for 12 months. If a product is not submitted for a complete evaluation before the end of the 12 months, it will be reclassified as an Archive product.

For a product to be considered for The Ratings, where it will be assigned a star and numerical rating and be ranked in its specific category, it must go through a full evaluation. This can also lead to other accolades, such as New Product of the Year and Product of the Year. Here are the steps:

Step 1 Tell us via email what products you would like us to evaluate. Please keep in mind that the minimum number of evaluators for consumable items is 11, while it is six for equipment items. You can choose to supply more than the minimum to lessen your risk that one or two negative evaluations could significantly affect your final rating score, but we leave this decision in your hands. However, when you submit a list of products you would like to be evaluated, you also need to tell us the number you are able to submit.

Please be aware that for some items like composites, cements, and provisional materials, where the product may be available in numerous shades and/or delivery systems, your best bet on getting a high rating would be to provide each evaluator with the full system. We understand the cost involved in doing this can be considerable, but if you want to ensure the highest possible rating, that is one way to achieve it. Once we receive the list of products you choose to submit, we will get back to you with recommendations on what to send to each evaluator.

You also must tell us whether there is a geographic restriction on where you are willing to send a product. If the product can only be sent to evaluators in the U.S. or the U.S. and Canada, please indicate that restriction and we will only send notice of that specific product to a truncated list of evaluators. If the product can be sent worldwide, we will send notification to the entire evaluator list.

Additionally, you need to indicate if the product requires any prerequisite training.

Finally, if the product requires any type of installation, you are responsible to handle the installation at the beginning and disassembly at the end of the evaluation.

Please complete the Product Submission Form for each product you choose to submit.

Step 2 We will email the evaluators and let them know what products you have chosen to submit and the maximum number (if applicable) of evaluators that will be able to receive it. After we receive the replies from the evaluators that they would like to evaluate the product, you will receive their names and shipping details. Once you receive this list, you should be prepared to ship the product within a reasonable (1-2 weeks) period.

Note: Evaluators cannot be held responsible for damage to the equipment that may occur during the testing process. While no evaluator intentionally abuses the equipment during the testing, the evaluation process is designed to ascertain the durability of the item. Therefore, do not submit any items if you expect them to be returned in pristine condition.

Step 3 Once all the evaluators confirm receipt of the product through an email to us, the 3-month evaluation period will begin. You are permitted to contact the evaluators during the evaluation period if you choose to be sure everything is working properly, but the evaluators are not required to reply to your overtures. Some evaluators welcome your contacting them, while others prefer to evaluate the product without any contact with manufacturers.

During this 3-month period, we also conduct RRL lab tests (if applicable) on the product.

Step 4 At the end of the 3-month evaluation period, the evaluators will complete an evaluation form that we create on your product. We then collate the comments and scores of the evaluators, add in any appropriate RRL lab tests results, and post the final report on our site. We will then send you an email with a link to your report so you may peruse it. We welcome any comments and/or corrections. And please be aware that with the dynamic nature of the site, this initial rating and evaluation commentary could be changed at any time as new information, good or bad, becomes available.

Step 5 For equipment items, you may contact the evaluators to arrange for product retrieval. Please be aware that manufacturers are responsible for shipping at the beginning and end of the evaluation. For small equipment items like handpieces, the evaluator is expected to put the item back in its case and/or box and attach a shipping label you should supply. For large equipment items, the evaluator may not have room to store shipping cartons. Therefore, these types of items may need to be retrieved by local representatives.

You can also offer to sell the product to the evaluator at whatever price you deem to be fair. Some evaluators may choose to accept this type of arrangement, so it is your choice whether to offer it or not.


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