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Pola Light 9.5% HP
Home 929
·      Easy to use, comfortable design, fast results, no sensitivity.
·      Cool LED light design that looks modern and can impress users.
·      Easy to use.
·      Very nice packaging.
·      Impressive appearance of the kit.
·      Nice alternative for bleaching. 
·      Looks professional.
·      Pola gels.
·      I have always thought the light was a gimmick, but I was willing to try it to see if it worked. It didn't.
·      Light is gimmicky.
·      Sensitive on/off button.
·      The LED light design serves no purpose other than marketing and there’s a potential for cementum hypersensitivity due to the fact that there’s no way to prevent the gel from getting all over the soft tissues and any exposed root surfaces.
·      Amazon has equivalent.
·      Price.
·      Too costly and application is sloppy.
·      Not as good as conventional home bleaching with a custom tray.
·      Light makes no difference and cost.
·      For some reason, mandibular whitening was not as effective as maxillary.
·      Gimmicky LED lights, confusing/complex instructions based on which treatment you’re using. Needing to bleach twice a day may be too much for some patients.
·      Gimmick light.
·      A lot of bells and whistles and not much on result side.
·      Good basic bleaching kit.
·      Another means of getting the results patients want.
·      One-Size-Fits-Most makes it easy for most patients to use the product without needing custom trays. Works well for an at-home bleaching product.
·      OK system but not great.
·      Great to have as whitening option — would strongly recommend.
·      Appealing modern design tray/light that may wow patients, but there’s no point for the LED light other than marketing and to serve as a timer. Most patients will think more is better so there’s a high risk of sensitivity when the mouthpiece gets overfilled and there’s no way with this design to protect soft tissues and prevent the gel from getting all over the place.
·      I won’t purchase.
·      I liked it.
·      Too costly for what it does.
·      I will keep recommending conventional home bleaching with a custom tray.
·      Nice product that will NOT meet expectations due to competitive market conditions.
·      Acceptable product.
·      I won’t sell it in my practice.
·      Decent option for people who want good results at home, but not a standout product.
·      Very good gel but useless light - WHICH PATIENTS SEEM TO LIKE!!!!!!
·      A lot to do about nothing. Reinventing a wheel that doesn't need reinventing. Poor results.


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